Representing a Biblical World View

Recently, we received a question regarding which world view we plan to represent.   What follows is the response to that question.  We wanted to share this response in case there are others with the same question.

On the “About Us” tab, we stated that we are a Christian Organization. It is the plan to follow a Biblical World View as we address different issues. Currently, since the organization is just starting, our efforts are focused on getting people involved and informed. It is likely that many people realize how important it has become to get involved in governing our nation, we would like to focus that realization into one loud and powerful voice. Some find the Tea Party inviting, and others are “occupying” many cities. We feel that the Biblical World View must be represented. Our representatives seem to have forgotten that they answer to “We the People,” and we must join together to remind them. Instead of small (but vocal) groups deciding the direction that the country should move in, the Christian Majority in our nation must assert itself and stop allowing atheists, secularists, and the like to move our nation further away from God. We should be deciding which direction our nation is going to move, and make our representatives get on the road to that destination.

We look forward to continued conversations, comments, and questions.  Join us, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  Add your name to our contact list by emailing us at