In July 2011, ABC News reported that 83 percent of Americans identified themselves as Christians.  Most of the remainder of Americans, 13 percent, have no religion and the last 4 percent is a compilation of Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and other individual mentions.

A survey of Americans conducted in September 2011 indicates that only 16 percent of Americans are more likely to vote for a candidate who regularly shares his/her religious beliefs.  Additionally, 30 percent stated they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who expresses religious activity, 28 percent said religious expression would have no impact on their choice of candidate, and 21 percent admitted it would depend on the candidate’s religion.

These numbers are deeply troubling, and indicative of a major problem in governing America.  All around us we see decaying family values, declining morality, and increased lack of value for the sanctity of life.  At the same time, Christians appear uncommitted to act on their beliefs and Biblical principles.

We have heard it said many times that “They need to do something about the state of the country.”  Allow us to identify “They” for you.  “We the People” are the “they” of which you speak.  It is we, and not they, that must act to save our nation from decay and immorality.

If, in fact, 83 percent of Americans are Christians, then why are Christian values not governing our nation?  Why are we afraid to speak up to save our nation?  Why do abortions happen every day at alarming rates?  Why is gay marriage being forced on America unopposed?  Why are we allowing the courts to tell us what we can and cannot decide regarding what we will allow in our communities?

As both Christians, and Americans, we have an awesome responsibility to our nation and the future we leave our children and grandchildren.  This responsibility demands our continued involvement in governing our nation and ensuring the continuation of the Christian values we hold so dear.

Many today are attempting to rewrite history by stating that the founding fathers did not base our nation on Biblical principles, and that they were not Christians themselves.  While it is probable that the Christianity practiced by our forefathers is quite different from the Christianity being practiced today, the references to God throughout early documents clearly indicate that they were God fearing people.

What will the future say about us?  Will we be remembered as the generation that allowed immorality and poor values to destroy what our founding fathers built?

“For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.”  (Luke 12:48, NKJV)  As Americans we have received much.  Many that we consider poor in America are counted among the nations of the world as quite rich.  Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8, NKJV)  Provide a future for our nation, a future that our children and grandchildren can enjoy; not a future that will be a burden for them to carry.

Get informed.  Get involved.  When you vote, vote the Bible.  Vote for the candidate that expresses the ideal that Biblical principles will influence their decisions as they govern the nation.