Please read this entire post without any preconceived notions or prejudices. The author has made some wonderful statements and observations. There is a point where the author advises the non-believers to stop reading, please do not stop. The entire post is beneficial for everyone. Some wording may strike deep and true, but sometimes the truth can do that.

Apologetics With Me

The following paragraphs are a commentary in regards to Romans 1:27; “In the same way also the men, giving up natural intercourse with women, were consumed with passion for one another. Men committed shameless acts with men and received in their own persons the due penalty for their error.”

What have you not heard in regards to the Bible and homosexuality?  What are you willing to hear? Let’s dive in with no apologies, no compromise, lots of love, respect, and truth.  Here goes…Is being homosexual a sin?  An identity is not a sin.  Is being a non-virgin a sin?  What we have become or a state of being is not a sin.  An action, a thought, or a way of behaving is a sin.  Can a man that has had sex with a man go to heaven? Yes. Can someone who has had sex outside of marriage go to heaven…

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