The Life Movement Aims to Get Bibles Back on Campus

For nearly five decades, religion has been consistently pushed out of the public schools in one way, shape or form. Now, some Christians are starting to push back.

While the life movement has wonderful intentions, I have to ask a couple of questions.  As the student begin distribution of Bibles, will their efforts be stifled?  Surely it will not take long until an atheist or secularist complains.

If efforts are successful, and the Bible is once again included in our school curriculum, who will determining how the Bible will be taught?  Is it the federal government? The state?  The school district? The individual teacher?  Will the religion and religious values taught in the school match the beliefs of the family?

The leftist agenda has done such a wonderful job of indoctrinating our children to their beliefs, how could we trust them to properly give religious instruction?  It is not that I would not like to see the Bible back in school, but I am seriously concerned that the Bible will be held up in ridicule while the theory of evolution is taught as fact.

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