When was Noah’s flood?

By G. C. Forsman

The video below is an attempt explain Noah’s flood account using available scientific information.  I find this quite interesting.  However, I am not quite certain why each of the scriptures referenced in the discussion are mentioned.

The six portions of scripture mentioned in this video are: 1) Genesis 11, the account of the Tower of Babel, 2) Psalm 33, The Sovereignty of the LORD In Creation and History, 3) Psalm 104, Praise to the Sovereign LORD For His Creation and Providence. 4) Job 38, The LORD Reveals His Omnipotence to Job, 5) Proverbs 8, The Excellence of Wisdom, and 6) 2 Peter 3, God’s Promise is Not Slack.

I hope everyone enjoys this video, and it prompts some thought and research for each viewer.

There is more information available from Hugh Ross on this issue.  If you are interested in knowing more, view the video Below.