Christians Under Fire in Syria

By Chris Mitchell

The so-called “Arab Spring” have been calamitous for Christians. The latest evidence comes from Syria.

While the brutality of the Assad regime has been widely documented, less well known is the reported treatment of Christians during the current civil war. According to Raymond Ibrahim of the Middle East Forum, he warns if the “rebels” defeat Assad, Syrian Christians might face extinction.

Here’s an excerpt from Ibrahim’s article “The Fate of Syria.”

“In short, should ‘rebels’ get their way and topple the Assad regime, the same brutal pattern experienced by Iraq’s Christian minorities—who have been likened to, and killed off like, dogs to the point of nearing extinction—will come to Syria, where a preacher recently urged Muslims to “tear apart, chop up and feed” Christians who support Assad “to the dogs.”

From last week alone, some 70 additional Christian homes were invaded and pillaged, and “for the first time in the history of the conflict in Syria, an armed attack has been made on a Catholic monastery,” partially in search of money.

And who are these “rebels” who see and treat Christians as sub-humans to be exploited and plundered to fund the “opposition” against Assad? In fact, many of them areIslamists, internal and external, and their “opposition” is really a jihad; moreover, they are acting on anti-Christianfatwas that justify the kidnapping, ransoming, and plundering of “infidel” Christians.”

You can read the entire article here.

In contrast to Syria, last night Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a meeting of Christians United for Israel that Israel is the only nation in the Middle East that provides freedom of worship for Christians.

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