Kirk Cameron’s ‘Monumental’ Debuts Amid Backlash

This story vividly illustrates the moral decay in our nation.  It begs the question, Why is it only permissible to say what you think if you agree with the liberal left?  The last time I checked, the constitution does not say we have free speech as long as we all agree.  The diversity of our people, and the freedom to speak up when you disagree, not only helps to keep the government in line but also allows us to address issues that need to be changed.

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By Heather Sells

More than 500 movie theaters across the country will show actor Kirk Cameron’s new movie “Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure,” Tuesday, March 27.

The documentary traces the steps of our founding fathers and the beliefs that led them to start a new country.

But during his publicity tour for the film earlier this month, Cameron made news for speaking out on gay marriage and homosexuality. CNN host Piers Morgan sparked the controversy when he asked Cameron if he thought homosexuality is a sin.

“I think it’s unnatural. I think it’s detrimental and ultimately destructive to many of the foundations of our civilization,” Cameron responded during the March 2 show.

Cameron also told Morgan in response to further questions that he believes God has defined marriage.

The actor’s comments sparked outrage from Hollywood celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell and further questions from other media outlets.

CBN News recently talked with Cameron about the backlash, noting the irony of being attacked for his beliefs while promoting a movie about liberty and religious freedom.

“It’s perfectly making the point of ‘Monumental,'” Cameron said, “which is that societies will eventually come to the place where political correctness is so important that if you don’t bend your beliefs to the moral standards of the politically correct, those in charge, you will be dragged out to the public square and stoned, so to speak, for holding your beliefs. Or you can hold them as long as you’re silent.”

While many are attacking Cameron for his comments, others are offering support.

“I’ve gotten 20 times as many positive responses from people saying, ‘Thank you for representing the rest of us and how we feel on social issues and morality and faith,'” Cameron told CBN News.

The silver lining in all this is that the negative buzz is leading to greater publicity for his film.

Cameron said he hopes it will inspire families to better understand the ideals that shaped our country’s beginning and how we can continue to uphold that legacy.

“We need to understand what made our our country so great in the first place,” Cameron said, “because if we don’t understand that, we’re never going to be able to get it back on track.”