Will Christianity Soon Become a Thought Crime?

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“Thoughtcrimes” — opinions and ideas that oppose the status quo — were pursued and punished by the Thought Police in the future world described by George Orwell in his novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four. Could politically incorrect thought be declared illegal — a type of “hate” crime against individuals or the State — someday in America? Since much of Christian thought seems to be considered politically incorrect these days, might it also be declared hate speech?

Although such notions may seem the stuff of futuristic science fiction, just last week, Big Journalism ran a column with the subtitle “Shorter Ann Curry: Your religious beliefs represent hate speech!” The column by John Nolte described Curry’s recent NBC Today interview with Christian actor Kirk Cameron.

What did Cameron say to deserve Curry’s “attack”? When, a couple of weeks earlier, the actor was asked his views on gay marriage by CNN’s Piers Morgan, Cameron, within a much longer answer, made these particular statements: “I think that it’s unnatural. I think that it’s detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of our civilization.”


8 thoughts on “Will Christianity Soon Become a Thought Crime?

  1. The Christian church should be designated a terrorist organization. We had another mass murder by a Christian. How much more proof do we need that these people are dangerous and out to destroy our country?

    • WOW!

      Ben… why such hostility? I saw the Oakland story on the news, what a sad situation. People are flawed, and as such make many errors in judgement and behavior. Christians, and Christianity at large is not out to destroy our nation. Quite the contrary. I suppose the issue is that there are several visions for America’s future in competition right now. Secularists, Atheists, Muslim, Christian, Gay, etc. Just because we disagree, we don’t need to spew hate at each other.

      Thank you for stopping by and contributing to the conversation.

      God Bless,


  2. I also wondered what Cameron said that was so wrong. I don’t agree with everything he said, but there was no hate involved, and it is his right to have and express that opinion.

  3. No. Because if anyone tried it, you’d have an army of atheists and members of other religious people flocking to your side.

    The whole idea of a ‘hate crime’ is ludicrous.

    That being said, you will always have responses to what you say. And you may not like those responses. But those responses will be in words.

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