Why is it Okay For Muslims to Teach Their Heritage in Public Schools But Not Okay for Christians?


I’ve been involved with creation ministry for a number of years and know firsthand how difficult it is to speak in science classes in a public school.  If they do allow you to speak, they generally place strict guidelines on you.  You’re not allowed to say anything about the Bible, Jesus, God, creation, or intelligent design.  I’ve seen schools go so far as tell you that you aren’t even allowed to question evolution for fear that someone will take it as a creation talk and the school will get sued.

Likewise, history classes are the same way.  I once was invited to speak about America’s early history, but was told that I couldn’t mention anything about religion whatsoever.  I informed the teacher that you cannot truthfully teach American history without religion as it played a huge role in shaping the nation and helping us gain our independence from Great Britain.  Consequently my invitation to speak was withdrawn.

Public schools throughout our country are so afraid of lawsuits that they’ve turned to teaching history that has been sanitized against all religious references.  They’ll teach that most all of our Founding Father were deists, which by the way is not correct, but that’s as close to religion as they’ll get.

So tell me why a public school in the Tampa, Florida area would invited guest speakers from the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)?

According to a report from One News Now, Steinbrenner High School had invited members of CAIR to come in and educate their students on Islamic relations.  When word got out to the surrounding community, the school board was overwhelmed with complaints from concerned parents and citizens.  Parents asked the school board to adopt a policy to prevent things like this from happening, but the school board refused to do so and even endorsed the high school’s policy to invite CAIR speakers in the future.

I wonder if the same high school would invite someone from an organization like American Vision to come in and teach on America’s Christian foundations and how the Bible helped shape our nation and our nation’s governing documents.  I highly doubt that they would because that would be teaching a religious view and would be a violation of the supposed separation of church and state.

But they evidently have no problem inviting in Muslims to teach about their history, which is also religious in nature.  How do they expect the CAIR representatives to teach anything about themselves without the mention of religion?  It’s like asking someone to teach about electricity without mentioning direct or alternating currents or teaching woodworking without teaching anything about the different types of wood.  It just can’t be done.

Fortunately, David Caton, president of the Florida Family Association has become involved with the Steinbrenner High School situation.  He believes that the school and school board received so much negativity from the community and parents that they will probably not invite any CAIR members in the future.  To help insure that it doesn’t happen again, the Florida Family Association has offered a cash reward for verifiable information for any future speaking event involving members of CAIR or any other Muslim organization.

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2 thoughts on “Why is it Okay For Muslims to Teach Their Heritage in Public Schools But Not Okay for Christians?

  1. Christian heritage is so ingrained in our national culture that there’s no reason to teach it in schools. I’m a secular Jew who’s never attended a single Church service, but I can still tell you the origin of Jesus, Santa Claus, and even the Easter bunny thanks to the endless indoctrination in every mall and TV whenever a former pagan holiday rears it head. Can the average Christian student tell me why I’m supposed to be eating unleavened bread this week? They likely know even less about Islam. And isn’t the Florida Family Association the same group of bigots who demanded Lowes stop advertising during “All-American Muslim” because the show wasn’t terroristy enough? Maybe if those people had some real Muslims speak to them when they were children in school, they would know that Islam isn’t a dangerous cult that can only be stopped by boycotting TV shows and burning Qur’ans. But hey, if it makes you feel any better, New York schools will no longer include the word “dinosaur” on standardized tests because it may stress out children of Creationists, even though they’ve already cleared away that hurdle by claiming Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden.

    • The main point of this story is this: In the 1960s the Bible and Christianity was removed from schools because non-Christians did not want their children to be forced to learn about it. Today, Muslims are teaching their religion in schools while Christians, Jews, and others are not permitted to do the same. If Islam is being taught in public schools, then Judaism, Christianity, and others should be taught as well.

      By choosing to only allow the teaching of Islam, we are back where we were in the 1950s with only one religion being taught in school, which was deemed inappropriate in the 1960s. Basically, teach about all, or none.

      Besides, who determines which version of each religion gets taught? Religious instruction should be left to the parents, not the state.

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