U2SA Relaunch

By G C Forsman

SedonaChurchFor some time now, the pages of U2SA have grown cold, but all of that is about to change.

Originally, U2SA was primarily focused on politics and getting Christians more involved in the day to day running of our country.  Although this is an important issue that cannot be ignored, I have decided to expand our focus to include important News and information from a Christian perspective, Biblical lessons, and the persecution of Christians around the world. News items will certainly include politics, but will have an expanded vision.  This will allow us more flexibility in the news we report. In the days ahead we will be developing new sections of U2SA specifically to cover the topics mentioned above. The look of our site may change, but it is our hope that the improvements made will excite you as much as they excite us.

As other items of interest present themselves, we will grow, evolve and remain relevant.  Everything on U2SA will be intended to inform us and glorify God.  Join us as we strive to attain and maintain high standards in the service of God.