‘Man of Steel’ a Christ-like Figure, Symbol of Hope?

By Wendy Griffith

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It’s one of the most anticipated movies of the summer: “Man of Steel” opened in theaters across the country on Friday, but many are wondering who is this new Superman?

CBN News had the chance to sit down with some of the stars of the film to get those answers, including little known British actor Henry Cavill, who plays “Man of Steel.”

Anticipated Stardom, Unexpected Hero

Some might say Cavill was born to play Superman, although until now few people knew his name.

When asked if he was ready for the super stardom that Superman role was about to bring, he replied, “I don’t know if anyone can be ready for that. I’m just going to have to be as ready as I can be and ride the wave, enjoy it and roll with the punches if they come.”

In “Man of Steel” there are plenty of punches as Superman tries to keep the evil Kryptonian general, Zod, from wiping out life on earth.

Reporter Lois Lane, played by Amy Adams, teams up with Superman to “save the day.”

Adam agrees that Lois too is sort of a hero saying, “She’s willing to put her own safety at risk to help Superman.”

A Christian Story?

Since the creation of Superman it’s been said that Superman is a type of Christ figure. For example, his heavenly Kryptonian father sends his only son to earth to save mankind. Also, Superman is 33 years old when he finally reveals his great powers to the world — the same age as Jesus when He went to the cross.

Director Zack Synder says the religious symbolism is a part of the Superman story that he wanted to embrace.

“Making him Jesus is a mistake, but allowing people to have a conversation about whatever relationship they have with the Jesus story through the movie is undeniable in the material, and if you don’t include it in the film, then you’re really sort of denying the mythology that is Superman,” Snyder said.

The Christ-like figure descends to earth in a failed rocket. Synder showed CBN News the actual rocket seen in the movie that brings baby Superman, also known as Kal-El, his Kryptonian name, down to a Kansas farm field.

He pointed out that “the contraption crashes but baby Superman, of course, survives.”

Special Powers: Good or Evil?

Russell Crow plays Superman’s Kryptonian father, while Kevin Costner plays Superman’s earthly dad, who realizes early on that his son has special powers.

CBN News asked Costner if his character allowed baby Superman to “make up his own mind, whether he was going to use those powers for good or for evil.”

Costner replied, “I think that’s the great thing about life is being able to make discoveries on your own, but what happens is sometimes a parent can frame it for you. And if you adore your parents you want to end up on the side of what you feel is right.”

CBN News discovered the famous “S” on Superman’s chest is actually the Kryptonian symbol for “hope.”

But what “hope” does Superman bring?

“It’s that hope against the odds, to beat all odds, no matter how steep or how grand and it’s just standing up and facing the troubles and going I will not surrender,” Cavill answered.

Superman celebrates it’s 75th anniversary with the film “Man of Steel,” which again opened in theaters across the on Friday.