God’s Law/Laws of Nature

In our continued effort to inform our readers, we offer the following to help you grow.

If you were asked to surrender your will, would you?  Probably not, but have you considered the sountless times people do surrender their will everyday?  No, you say, I don’t and I never would:

Well, think about how you surrender your will to the laws of nature. Do you argue with gravity, ignore friction, grab a live wire, lean to the left turning right? People have learned to surrender to the natural laws they call laws of physics. But there is a natural law that virtually everybody on the planet has been ignoring.

In the past century, a natural law of behavior was identified by Richard W. Wetherill. In 1952 he presented it in the book, Tower of Babel, and called it the law of absolute right. It specifies rational and honest thinking and behavior to replace choices based on people’s likes and dislikes, judgments and beliefs.

Nature’s law of absolute right states that only right action gets right results. As with all natural laws, if wrong results occur, the law was somehow contradicted, showing that this law is the final arbiter of what is right behavior.

What kinds of results are presently occurring? The news media report on terror attacks, uprisings and riots, natural disasters, and afflictions labeled “cause unknown.”

At this point you might be wondering, who thinks that conforming to a natural law could stop all those wrong results? The answer comes from persons who have surrendered their will to the law of right behavior. Enthusiastically they report right results when they respond rationally and honestly to whatever life delivers.

Clearly people’s safety and security exist in trusting the laws of creation rather than the laws and beliefs of human origin. Natural laws require the action each law calls for to enable it to complete its intended, rightful purpose.

So to achieve success at whatever activity or task people engage in, they instinctively know they must obey nature’s laws of physics.

Prior to the identification of natural laws, the ancients worshipped natural phenomena and/or idols. It required eons until people identified the laws of nature, creating forces to safely guide their activities.

Think of natural laws as expressing the will of their creator, and thereby creation’s plan of life for mankind. Rational and honest compliance is the surrender that resolves past mistakes and provides a meaningful, productive future. 

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