Some Things Ache in the Dark

By G C Forsman

My faithful readers are aware that United to Save America provides news from a Christian perspective, as well as stories and lessons with Christian ideals. Today I am pleased to open my readers up to a new experience as I review a chapbook recently released by a poet I’ve come to enjoy. As Christians we must not hide our heads in the sand, but strive to understand the world we live in. Maggie Mae has captured this world in a unique and interesting manner that captivates both your mind and emotions.

0043-ACHE-DARK_zps9602159e“Some Things Ache in the Dark” by Maggie Mae commands your attention from the moment you pick it up. This superb poetry collection is written so well that I was instantly entranced by the dark imagery, immersed in intense feelings, and acutely aware of the magnificent soul the author shares with her readers.

This 21 poem chapbook is filled with images of seclusion, insignificance, and revulsion. However, if you stop there you’ve missed the expressions of empathy and the struggles within human existence concerning conformity and the world’s immorality.

My Sister Betsy captivates you immediately with suicidal images, while Junk Baby follows up with a glimpse behind the curtain at the childhood neglect that may have brought these images to life. Despite the darkness, the author does not express being relegated to a boring existence.  The darkness is seldom boring.

The “eternal stain” of The Body leaves your heart aching for the isolated and downtrodden among us, and then society’s deterioration leads to “nature’s vengeance dancing” boldly in the open as it poisons our hearts in Laugh of the Bees. I purposely skipped forward to Laugh of the Bees, in order to avoid my giving away the entire contents of this brilliant collection.

Intertwined with the familiarity of everyday life you will find hope, despair, danger, and conflict in the dark. I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Some Things Ache in the Dark” by Maggie Mae.  I strongly recommend that you pick up a copy and enjoy the experience that awaits you. Don’t try to rush through this chapbook, slowly digest it and allow yourself to savor the words.

Get your copy at

I received a free copy of “Some Things Ache in the Dark” in exchange for an unbiased review.


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